Sunday, February 15, 2009


Ryan Mcinley:

This goes back. Way back. back to when i was 17 exploring the world of art and exploring myself. I remember reading about Mcginley and how he was going to be the youngest to show in the Whitney Biennial. This became my goal, show in the Whitney biennial as young as i could.
I dont know, it seemed to me t have so much power, being so young and showing your thoughts and emotions to thousands of people and then those peple possible wanting to buy it. That inspired me, not so much the buying aspect, but that the fact my work could be seen by thousands of people at a young age.
What was it about his work that inspired me?
In high school i loved photography. You couldn't take the camera out of my hand. I wanted to document everything and take a picture of it all. When i looked at Mcginley's photos i felt a sense of nostalgia, i don't know to what but to a better feeling. A feeling of being young forever and having freedom. A feeling of riding around in the car, in the middle of America, wind blowing aross my face, destination no where.

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