Monday, February 9, 2009


Artist Statement:
I grew up in a very structured chaotic house. Religion was first on my fathers mind, and letting me be a free spirit was first on my mothers mind. I like the idea of having structure through chaos and am currently investigating these ideas. I am completely a 21st century kid. I love the Internet. I love my cell phone; I love technology and where it has brought us. I also hate it for the lack of privacy, the internet has virtually everything on it. I want to find the Internet. The Internet inspires me showing me whatever I ask it to show me. Current trends in Hollywood are a must know, and yes I indulge in Us weekly. I just realized the word Internet is capitalized on spell check on my computer, just like God. Materially I never try not to feel limited. I like using plastics, wood, found objects, pictures, paintings, writing, color, in my sculptures. I like comparing soft and hard, found and made, 2d and 3d materials. Recently I also became interested in gender and gender roles. Why should I be told who to love? Why does it matter what gender I prefer? Why cant a man knit a quilt and still be as manly as the man shooting a bear? However right now nothing seems solid. Art could be the reflection of the Snapple bottle in the mid afternoon sun. I haven’t figure out what art is, but it is there and always here, and I see it all around me. I don’t know what it is but when I do I want to make it and make a lot of it.

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