Sunday, February 15, 2009


Currently i would like to think my work investigates architectural space and the motion of light, while maintaining ideas of the self. Using wood i like to imitate architectural structures while incorporating textiles. The two mediums have a nice contrast against each other. Wood is sensual has grain, can be smooth or ruff and can provide structure or be absolutely flimsy and delicate.

Wood to me is a very intimate material. It is a basic building material capable of taking many different forms and functions. I have a relationship with wood that would be considered a love hate relationship. Wood can be my best friend allowing me to mock something quickly or build a strong structure. It can be my enemy in resisting its natural state of being planer and made of many smaller particles all susceptible to the mark of my hand.

Textiles go back to me earliest memories. My mom was a weaver and i can remember sitting on the floor next to her listening to the sound of the pedals going up and down and the shuttle moving back and forth. I like a repetitive action that in the end leads to a finished product, like knitting, crocheting, or weaving. Textiles have a materiality that allows coverage but also can be open and transparent allowing light and air to flow through freely. Currently i am knitting a pair of Nike Air force Ones. Nike's Air Force One seem to be the appitamy of masculinity when it comes to a symbol for sports. Crocheting a pair of these shoes is showing the woman in the man, showing some sort of irony between the hand made and the mass produced, the male activity of basketball and the female hobby of crocheting.

I am also knitting three screens to fit over three identical televisions. The televisions will be playing videos of solid color, one red, one blue, and one yellow. The three covers are going to be red blue and yellow. The yellow cover will go over the red televeision, the red cover over the blue television and the blue cover over the yellow television. I want to see how light and color change while being projected through these screens. It will also abstract the image on the screen even though there is no true image playing on the screen the viewer will try to abstract the light into familar images or thoughts.

I often time like to work in digital or video work. There is something so instant and satisfying with digital work. I can quickly make and edit a movie or capture and idea. The video or digital work that accompanies many of my sculpture deals with the everyday repetitive routine or ritual. These rituals are considered art to me. Allowing people to look in and have a different experience to be someone else for one second or one minute.

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