Friday, February 13, 2009


These artist inspire me and this is why.

Janine Antoni:
Her work is honest. Her body of work consist of performances, sculptures, videos, photographs and drawings. She was the first the reaffirm the idea that i could be the subject matter of my art. All art does not just have to be about politics, space, landscapes, or geometry, but art can be about those everyday feelings you have. The sight when you see the sun reflecting through the window, beams falling across the room onto a piece of bare skin, of a stranger.

I have always admired her work. I rember the first time hearing about her, she mpped the gallery floors with hair dye. What an outrageous idea i thought. How could this be art? how could this sell to anyone? How does this have so much more meaning than just the basic action. Basic daily routines become rituals, rituals can create artifacts, artifacts can become objects and objects can become art.

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